Group Fitness - Class Descriptions

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Cardio classes focus on cardiovascular training in a variety of formats including step, 'floor' aerobics, agility and more. Most classes accommodate all fitness levels unless otherwise noted.

Cardio Fusion: A mix of cardio-based exercises guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level.

Cardio Flex Fusion: Blended classes including cardio and toning or core conditioning.

ZUMBA: A Latin-inspired dance-fitness class that is effective, innovative and exciting. The best part, besides a great workout,  is that it's designed for everyone - No Dance Experience Required! Join the ZUMBA Party!!


Cycling classes are cardiovascular based training using LaMond Cycles. Classes accommodate all fitness levels and include a variety of ‘visual’ road trips. Your instructor can advise you on how to set up your cycle.

Cycling: An indoor cycling program combining determination and imagination to create a total fitness journey. You will pump your heart, lungs and legs!


Mind & Body classes provide increased muscle strength, flexibility, stress-relief and improved breathing technique. Participants are encouraged to bring their own mats although we do provide them.

Yoga combines poses and breath work to increase flexibility and strength. Breath work also increases blood flow and reduces stress and tension in the body.

Pilates is a system of flowing movements that strengthen and stretch the muscles and joints. Focus on core strength.

Target Zen—See Fusion Classes.

Taste of Qigong
combines breath work and slow fluid movement to create an experience of relaxation, balance and flexibility. (November-June)

Pi-Yo is a hybrid, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of Yoga &  Pilates, as well as the principles of sports stretch, strength training, conditioning & dynamic movement. It includes modifications for group exercise, yet offers exercise progressions to challenge all levels of participants.


Our strength classes are focused on building muscle endurance and strength utilizing all major muscle groups. Classes may include barbells, dumbbells, tubing, dyna-bands, medicine balls and body weight. Classes can accommodate all fitness levels.

Power Muscle uses the barbell as well as dumbbells, medicine balls and other resistance equipment.

Strength & Stretch combines light strength exercises with gentle stretches for a class that is appropriate for everyone including those recovering from injury or illness or returning to exercise. The class focuses on joint stability, core strength, balance and small muscle coordination.

Total Toning is a total body toning class followed by an extended stretch to leave you feeling strong and refreshed!


Fusion classes are a blend of different disciplines, Cardio, Strength and Flexibility, creating an exceptional time efficient workout. Please refer to other categories for descriptions of these components.

Cardio Flex Fusion and Cardio Fusion: See Cardio section for description.

Pilates/Stretch:Classic Pilates with Yoga inspired stretching.

Pilates Total Toning:
This is a combination of Pilates and toning exercises using extra resistance (Dumbbells, leg weights, medicine balls and bands.)

Target Zen is a smorgasbord for your body! This class may combine toning, yoga, Pilates, QiGong, stretching and definitely relaxation!

ZUMBA Toning: When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba Toning raises the bar (or rather, the toning stick). It combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to create a calorie torching, strength training dance fitness party! Maraca-like toning sticks are used tdo enhance rhythm and tone targeted muscles. Come join the party!


Enjoy the health enhancing Natural Hot Springs pools that are exclusive to Broadwater Hot Springs while participating in our aquatic classes. Gentle on the joints, these classes enhance cardiovascular and strength endurance.

AquaLogix includes special weighted hand and leg bells for an additional challenge.

Aqua Mix uses a variety of equipment. Good workout for those who like challenge.

Water Fitness is a well-rounded fitness program in the pool.

NOTE 1:  Lead Instructors are indicated on the schedule.  Occasionally there will be substitute instructors teaching classes.  Classes maintaining numbers of 8 or less may be subject to cancellation.

NOTE 2: Not all classes listed above are available year around. if your favorite class is currently not available, please let us know.

NOTE 3: Classes maintaining low attendance may be cancelled.